Friday, March 14, 2008


So Lil' Miss Smarty-Pants Kara has gone and learned a new trick. Whenever we tell her to 'look, look, look' she races for the window in hopes of seeing a dog out there. As you can see on the video, if there is no dog out there, she looks at you as though she is saying 'Why did you lie to me?'

Sometimes Yoshii gets in on the deal too, but I think she is just being a follower.


Vi said...

Hehe. Cute!

Don't try to trick a shiba too many times, they'll quickly learn to ignore you.

2shibas said...

That is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Kara is so smart! She knew you were lying to her!
Thinking about getting my own shiba inu in the future . Was looking for some pictures of them and came across your blog. Really enjoyed it! Thanks!

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