Friday, March 5, 2010

It has been TOO long!

We would like to blame a trip around the world for the lack of new posts, but it is really just work, school, work, giant snow storm, and more work.

Yoshii and Kara have been busy themselves! Lets start with Halloween '09...

Kara being very patient as she goes through one of several costume fittings for her Geisha outfit

Yoshii felt a little left out (her Incredible Hulk outfit looked more like scraps of cloth than strategically ripped pants from the growth of her bulging muscles).

Her Hulk anger at Kara's far superior outfit still existed though...


a girl and her two shibas said...

haha! dear yoshii & kara, we enjoy reading your blog. will you update it with more silly pics?

p.s. where did you get your kimono?? our human wants to get one!

your fans,
kuma & hiro

shiba1 said...

Kuma and Hiro- I have definitely been a slacker with updates on Yoshii and Kara's exploits. I will get back on it! Thanks for the compliments on Kara's kimono. I actually made it using a simple pattern meant for a doll. I don't think Kara appreciated the work that went into it but at least she was a patient model :-)

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