Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deluxe Edition Post: Getting Ready for Kayak Season!

Yoshii and Kara were most likely hoping the horror of being stuck on a small plastic raft in the middle of the water was over...but oh no girls...just wait til it gets just a little warmer... 

We will ease them into it with a review of their kayaking adventures this past year.

Either ready for adventure...or dazed.

Learning that being IN the water is not so bad

 Out on Mallow's Bay
Kayaking: Good for the Puppy's Soul

Yes, Yoshii got a nice long bath after walking through this.

 Mattawoman Creek

Kara - Always prepared!  

Taking our Kayaking on the Road!  -- Crystal Springs, Florida (Manatee Watching)

Yoshii and Kara were as unimpressed by the manatees as they were with Yoshii and Kara.

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